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    1. Incorporating Technology: How It Can Help Your Business to Soar
      Wed Dec 27 18:57:52 2017
      Over the years, more and more business owners have decided that incorporating technology into their business practices and strategies is a good idea. Whats more, theyve managed to do with great success. In fact, technology has proven to be enormous[...]
    2. When the cutting edge technology passes you over: The "winner takes it all" and it aint your home town
      Sun Nov 12 05:36:00 2017
      Cats are territorial creatures. This Kat grew up in a quintessential U.S. industrial town -- a href="https:en[...]
    3. How to Improve Your Business Operations with Technology
      Sun Oct 29 22:38:25 2017
      Ask yourself, How can my business operations benefit from technology? Many businesses have been profitable for decades without ever integrating technology into their day-to-day business operations.However, businesses who fail to adapt to modern t[...]
    4. Tolloty Technology Incubator Presentation August 3, 2017.
      Fri Aug 4 16:21:05 2017
      We had the pleasure ofspeaking at the Tolloty Technology Incubator at Kent State University at Tuscarawas yesterday morning in New Philadelphia, Ohio. A good group of entrepreneurs was in attendance, and asked some excellent questions about patents[...]
    5. Book Review: Patents for Technology Transfer
      Thu Jun 1 16:33:00 2017
      This Kitten is pleased to put her paws on Dr. Ingrid Kellys book, Patents for Technology Transfer. Dr. Ingrid Kelly is the Technology Transfer Manager at the University of Vienna and she has more than a decade of experience as a European Paten[...]
    6. FRAND Papers from the Berkeley Technology Law Journal
      Mon May 29 07:50:00 2017
      1.  Jorge Contreras, Fabian Gaessler, Christian Helmers, and Brian J. Love, have posed a paper on ssrn titled Litigation of Standards-Essential Patents in Europe:  A Comparative Analysis, which is forthcoming in the Berkeley Technology L[...]
    7. DDE cites need for numerical calculation for apportionment, and cites non-technology factors and use patterns as contributing to value
      Thu Mar 30 17:11:17 2017
      The District of Delaware, Judge Andrews presiding, in Comcast IP Holdings I LLC v. Sprint Communications Co., Civil Action No. 12-205-RGA D. Del. Sept. 29, 2014, issued a brief order concerning apportionment. Judge Andrews was faced with a motion [...]
    8. Harvard Journal of Law & Technology Special Symposium Issue
      Mon Feb 27 10:17:00 2017
      The Harvard Journal of Law & Technology recently published a Special Symposium Issue on Private Law and Intellectual Property, available here .  The webpage states: The 2017 Symposium on Private Law and IP involved&n[...]
    9. How Has Technology Changed the Way SMEs Operate?
      Thu Feb 16 17:10:40 2017
      Technology has completely changed the workplace in the past 30 years. Who would have guessed back then wed have things like cloud storage, hackers, teleconferencing, live chat and social media to contend with. Things are changing fast and the only ce[...]
    10. Industry First Technology Changing the way law firms generate business
      Thu Feb 16 17:09:15 2017
      When generating leads in the legal sector, a regular stumbling block arises Which part of our marketing efforts and ultimately budget generated the quality leads customers and what generated low quality leads? Once we can answer this questi[...]

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