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    1. INTA Brand Authenticity Conference Report 4: Brands, social media and CSR
      Wed Dec 6 05:21:00 2017
      td class=[...]
    2. Book Review Times Two: GI at the Crossroads of Trade, Development, and Culture and GI - Global and Local perspectives
      Thu Oct 12 08:30:00 2017
      From KatFriend Josey Bright  we have a double review of recent books on Geographical Indications: The old adage we often apply to buses was called to mind when this reviewer received not one but two books on Geographical Indications GIs. Bot[...]
    3. Book review--Create, Copy, Disrupt: Indias Intellectual Property Dilemmas
      Tue Oct 10 04:06:00 2017
      This reviewers first encounter with IP India occurred in December 1996, as a member of the Israeli delegation to the WIPO Diplomatic Conference img border="0" data-original-height="550" data-original-width="356" height="200" src="https:4.bp[...]
    4. The Israel Supreme Court adopts the conceptual separability test of the US Copyright Office, rejecting the Star Athletica standard
      Fri Sep 15 06:27:00 2017
      The Star Athletica decision rendered by the U.S. Supreme Court in March 2017 tackled the perennially thorny issue of copyright or design protection with respect to aspects of a utilitari[...]
    5. Israel Creates Wireless Charging Roads for Electric Vehicles
      Tue May 16 09:46:04 2017
      Imagine using a wireless road technology that powers electric vehicles while motorists drive, eliminating the need for batteries and the necessity of stopping to charge. Thats actually happening right now, as an Israel-based e-mobility company[...]
    6. ESPN: When Teflon is not enough in the face of platform disruption
      Fri Apr 28 07:30:00 2017
      In the world of media, the mantra for over a generation has been pity the poor daily print newspaper, which became the poster child for media disruption in the on-line world. With much news, once provided by newspapers now[...]
    7. Disruptive innovation: where, not what
      Fri Jan 13 08:55:00 2017
      First, a slight diatribe.  Why is it that companies think their people can do successful innovation when they dont share a common language?  In the title Ive used the word "disruptive", and by this I mean innovation in the "third horizon" -[...]
    8. Disruption: Its Not the Tech, Its the Timing
      Sat Nov 19 08:30:00 2016
      Why do some new technologies quickly replace their predecessors, while others do so more gradually? Harvard Business Review says we need to think about things through the innovation ecosystem, and I agree!. We ought to look not just at the technol[...]
    9. CAFC affirms PTAB in Classco v. Apple: We find that those contentions do not show that the Boards approach is inconsistent with KSR .
      Thu Sep 22 15:51:00 2016
      From the decision: Contrary to ClassCos argument, KSR does not require that a combination only unite old elements without changing their respective functions. KSR, 550 U.S. at 416. Instead, KSR teaches that a person of ordinary skill is also[...]

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