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    1. The Benefits of Inventory Management with CMMS Software
      Tue Aug 15 17:48:08 2017
      Computerized Maintenance Management Software CMMS can help improve efficiency of maintenance departments of all sizes. In a nutshell, it prevents the occurrence of maintenance issues that lead to costly repairs. This puts emphasis where it belongs[...]
    2. The Importance of Having Employee Time-Tracking Software
      Fri Jul 21 03:20:05 2017
      The right employee time-tracking software can help you increase the productivity and profitability of your business. Plus, its an excellent way to cut unnecessary expenses. Here are just a few of the benefits of having time-tracking software for yo[...]
    3. The Ins and Outs of Trading Software
      Thu Jun 1 18:54:28 2017
      Weve discussed before in this blog about how to come up with the funds you need to start or further your business. One of those ways is by using trading software to invest in the markets. If youre considering this method, read on to learn more. T[...]
    4. How Big Businesses Are Getting Their Software to Market Quicker and Quicker
      Sun May 28 22:38:38 2017
      In the world of software development, these days its vital products are released quickly. Customers demand a lot more from technology in this digital age, which really increases the pressures on businesses to get it right the first time. As many sm[...]
    5. On-line paraphrasing software and "word salads"
      Wed Apr 26 15:48:00 2017
      In the short blip about "plagiarism" by then-Judge Gorsuch, one issue was that the Judge cited fundamental references, rather than later references which cited the fundamental references. A more recent post on the problem of on-line paraphrasing t[...]
    6. The Overlooked Benefits of Cloud ERP Software
      Mon Feb 6 16:54:41 2017
      The debate over on-site vs. cloud ERP software has now been settled. Companies of all sizes and in every industry prefer to rely on the cloud for its ability to lower costs, increase functionality, simplify maintenance, and amplify the benefits of en[...]
    7. How To Choose The Right Software For Your Business
      Fri Jan 27 15:42:40 2017
      This is a great article on How To Choose The Right Software For Your Business. Picking the right software engineering firm can be a tricky thing. Learn exactly what you need to know before making your selection[...]
    8. Motio, Inc v. BSP Software LLC, Brightstar Partners, Inc., and Avent, Inc.
      Fri Dec 30 14:30:52 2016
      Case name: Motio, Inc v. BSP Software LLC, Brightstar Partners, Inc., and Avent, Inc. &160; Area of Law: patent damages &160; Grounds: Defendants sought to exclude Plaintiffs experts report and testimony related to Plaintiffs damages in a patent[...]
    9. Use New PDF Software To Improve Your Business
      Tue Nov 1 13:11:40 2016
      PDF has been around for a long time and it is now considered a very vital tool for business that should not be overlooked. One advantage it has over some other document sharing formats is its versatility. This ensures your business can cut out a lot [...]
    10. Five Must-Have Tech and Software Features for Utility Engineers
      Tue Sep 20 19:31:33 2016
      This one is for all you out-in-the-field entrepreneurs that require rugged equipment in order to get your job done. Just a few tips for you...[...]

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