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    1. What to Expect in a Truck Accident Settlement
      Mon Dec 4 21:26:13 2017
      When you are in a truck accident, you are entitled to recover both economic and noneconomic damages. Have an attorney calculate what your accident is worth. In this way, you will be much more likely to get what you deserve. The post What to Expec[...]
    2. IP Chat Channel Webinar on Settlements as Comparables
      Thu Apr 20 08:37:00 2017
      Sorry for the short notice, since this event takes place later today, but the IPO IP Chat Channel will be presenting a webinar titled Settlement Agreements as Comparables:  New Comprehensive Analysis from the Federal Circuit , tod[...]
    3. The CAFC in Prism v. Sprint gives a detailed exposition on admissibility of settlements under FRE 403
      Mon Mar 6 18:34:00 2017
      As to evidentiary rulings: We see no legal error or other abuse of discretion in the district courts allowing of Mr. Minors testimony. See Gen. Elec. Co. v. Joiner, 522 U.S. 136, 14143 1997 evidentiary rulings reviewed for abuse of discret[...]
    4. Federal Circuit Affirms Use of Settlement Agreement as Comparable License
      Mon Mar 6 13:03:00 2017
      The opinion, authored by Judge Taranto and joined by Judges Linn and Chen, is Prism Techs. LLC v. Sprint Spectrum L.P. , came out this morning and is available here .  The patents in suit "claim and describe methods and systems for managing[...]
    5. EDTX denies exclusion of settlement license and real estate apportionment
      Fri Dec 30 14:31:40 2016
      The Eastern District of Texas, in ZiiLabs, Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Judge Roy S. Payne December 4, 2015, granted in part and denied in part defendants motion to exclude various opinions from plaintiffs damages expert, Robert Mills. Grou[...]
    6. Terminating a Post-Grant Proceeding By Settlement Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board Has Decided the Merits - JD Supra press release
      Fri Dec 16 08:39:01 2016
      JD Supra press release [...]
    7. Book Review: WTO Dispute Settlement and the TRIPS Agreement
      Sat Oct 1 13:43:00 2016
      This Kat has always felt a sense of unease in seeking to understand the relationship between the IP and trade aspects of the TRIPS agreement Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, since it went into effect on Janu[...]
    8. DDE excludes settlement agreements; allows licenses as a check; addresses apportionment of accused products & services
      Thu Aug 25 12:18:07 2016
      The District of Delaware, in ARTCom Innovation GMBH v. Google Inc., Case No. 14-217-RGA Judge Richard G. Andrews April 28, 2016, considered several motions related to royalty calculations. In a previous blog post, we addressed the motion for rec[...]
    9. D. Mass. denies SJ where settlement licensees failed to mark
      Mon Aug 8 16:33:59 2016
      The District of Massachusetts, in In re NeuroGrafix 360 Patent Litigation, Case No. 1-13-md-02432 Judge Stearns August 1, 2016, denied defendants summary judgment motion to limit plaintiffs damages for its licensees failure to mark. The fa[...]

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