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    1. PTAB cites 37 CFR 11.802a in St. Regis Mohawk. Contemplate history of ABA Model Rule 8.2
      Tue Jan 9 18:43:00 2018
      The PatentDocs blog includes the PTAB decision in Mylan v. St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Paper 124 Entered: January 4, 2018. ORDER Denying Request for Oral Hearing and Denying Renewed Request for Authorization to File Motion for Additional Discovery 37 [...]
    2. CJEU rules that ice cream sold as Champagner Sorbet can be branded as Champagne
      Sun Dec 24 08:12:00 2017
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    3. The ILO rules reinstatement of Board of Appeal member, but EPO resists
      Wed Dec 13 02:35:00 2017
      There was a major development last week in the saga of the suspension of the member of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office, which, however, still has failed to bring the affair to a conclusion. a href="[...]
    4. BGH rules on international jurisdiction of German courts in EU trade mark cases
      Wed Nov 29 04:08:00 2017
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    5. BREAKING: CJEU rules in that the making available of copies of TV programmes saved in the cloud must be authorised by rights owner
      Wed Nov 29 03:12:00 2017
    6. German Federal Court of Justice rules that GS Media presumption of knowledge does not apply to Google Images
      Fri Sep 22 02:10:00 2017
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    7. CAFC uses an analogy to a "cookie jar" to rule against appellant Thought
      Mon Aug 21 20:25:00 2017
      The relevant portion of a "system" claim contained the language a first adapter responsive to the object application including an application bridge receiving an object comprising object attributes and an object name from the object application,[...]
    8. EU IPO Observatory study finds trade secrets rule the roost over patents in Europe
      Sun Jul 16 05:52:00 2017
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    9. Book Review: Patent Drawing Rules
      Sun Jul 2 04:00:00 2017
      Patent Drawing Rules, by Murray H. Henderson, is not, as is  tren[...]
    10. TC Heartland Requires Standardized Local Rules and Demand Letter Reform -
      Mon Jun 26 08:53:22 2017 f[...]

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