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    1. Birss J in Accord v Research Corporation Technologies attempts to cut the red tape on the right to claim priority
      Fri Nov 17 10:58:00 2017
      td class="t[...]
    2. Must-See Health & Retirement Publications - National Center for Public Policy Research
      Fri Nov 17 09:51:28 2017
      Must-See Health & Retirement Publications fo[...]
    3. STRONGER Protections May Be Answer to Drug Patent Trolls - National Center for Public Policy Research
      Fri Nov 17 09:51:28 2017
      National Center for Public Polic[...]
    4. Book Review: Research Handbook on Intellectual Property in Media and Entertainment
      Sun Nov 12 05:29:00 2017
      Media and entertainment legal experts seem to have such fun. Or at least, they had quite some fun writing the chapter titles for Megan Richardson and Sam Ricketsons edite[...]
    5. The Smoking Gun - Is IP research the next tobacco scandal?
      Thu Jul 13 14:00:00 2017
      Making the rounds of the interwebs in the current news cycle is the revelation that Google has spent mi[...]
    6. Analysis of Lemtrada data by researchers at Queen Mary University suggests issues in TB cell repopulation dynamics
      Thu Jun 22 09:52:00 2017
      In a post titled Unpublished Data May Point to Link Between Lemtrada and Other Autoimmune Diseases in MS Patients , Multiple Sclerosis News Today began with text: Previously unpublished results of clinical trials of Lemtrada alemtuzumab ap[...]
    7. UKs IP Enforcement Framework-IPO Research Bid Opportunity Update
      Mon Mar 13 05:01:00 2017
      For Kat readers, IPKat wishes to publish a follow-up to Hayleigh Boshers post of last Friday. The UK Intellectual Property Office has advised that, as of this morning UK time, the process is now live. If you have any questions or wish to rece[...]
    8. UKs IP Enforcement Framework - IPO Research Bid Opportunity
      Fri Mar 10 05:42:00 2017
      The UK Intellectual Property Office has kindly informed us that they are [...]
    9. Acacia Research: Trumps Take On IP Theft - Seeking Alpha - Seeking Alpha
      Wed Nov 30 09:14:00 2016
      Acacia Research: Trump&39;s Take On I[...]
    10. Acacia Research: Trumps Take On IP Theft - Seeking Alpha
      Wed Nov 30 09:13:00 2016
      Seeking Alpha td valig[...]

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