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    1. Reality TV stars: performers? ...employees?... Neither?
      Wed Sep 13 03:53:00 2017
      td class="tr-caption" style="text-align: center;[...]
    2. 5 Ways Virtual Reality Can Transform Your Business
      Fri Jul 7 18:54:39 2017
      Virtual reality is finally upon us. Decades ago, many people laughed at the idea of being able to create immersive technology, thinking that it was downright impossible. But today we are witnessing the rise of a new technology revolution, with virtu[...]
    3. What is Augmented Reality & Will It Make Money?
      Tue Mar 7 19:54:12 2017
      Mobile augmented reality is still quite young but it is already attracting a lot of attention. It is the process of overlaying digital information onto the real world. Think of an app by a rock band where you can insert yourself into the concert with[...]
    4. Virtual reality glasses made for cycling
      Wed Dec 7 14:59:18 2016
      With safety and coolness in mind, a company called Everysight is developingGPS-enabled Raptor smart glasses, designed for cyclists looking for data like speed, distance, heart rate, time, and turn-by-turn navigation in their line of si[...]

    1. Innovation on Reality TV

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