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    1. Swedish Patents and Market Court of Appeal requests CJEU to clarify notion of shape, or another characteristic, which gives substantial value to the goods
      Thu Jan 18 05:51:00 2018
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    2. Presentation of information: Is the EPO stretching the line for patentable subject-matter, again?
      Thu Jan 18 00:03:00 2018
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    3. Petitions for Certiorari Relating to Patent Damages, Part 2
      Wed Jan 17 10:28:00 2018
      As I mentioned last week , the U.S. Supreme Court has granted cert in WesternGeco LLC v. ION Geophysical Corp ., No. 16-1011, in which the question presented is "Whether the U.S. Court o[...]
    4. French Supreme Court in Finasteride second-medical use litigation acknowledges patentability of dosage regime claims
      Thu Jan 11 04:25:00 2018
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    5. Patent Reform Advocate, Congressman Darrell Issa, Will Not Seek Re-election -
      Wed Jan 10 11:46:24 2018
    6. The 2018 patent horizon: What should we expect? - American Enterprise Institute
      Tue Jan 2 05:04:41 2018
      The 2018 patent horizon: What should[...]
    7. Will the Supreme Court continue to be influenced by patent reform ... -
      Tue Jan 2 04:47:37 2018 t[...]
    8. Will the Supreme Court continue to be influenced by patent reform? -
      Tue Jan 2 04:47:37 2018 [...]
    9. AIPPI Event Report: Are you sitting comfortably....? Patent Roundup 2017
      Sat Dec 30 16:12:00 2017
      The end of this years  Michaelmas term for the AmeriKat was characterized by the usual unpredictability and b[...]
    10. The patent story with rectangular rapid flashing beacons RRFBs
      Fri Dec 29 12:29:00 2017
      Back in 2012, IPBiz quoted Judge Richard Posner on the industry standardpatent interface: Once a patent becomes essential to a standard, the patentees bargaining power surges because a prospective licensee has no alternative to licensing the p[...]

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