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    1. Patents: Patent Litigation Over for Patriot Scientific
      Fri Sep 22 13:55:04 2017
      Patriot Scientific, a Rancho Bernardo high-tech firm that has been litigating ownership rights of a series of patents on microprocessors for the past three years, said it has settled a dispute with The TPL Group, representing the defendants who also [...]
    2. Litigation guy
      Fri Jul 14 13:31:40 2017
      Seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say, "So long."[...]
    3. HBR proposal: "a prelitigation review board "
      Fri Jun 30 09:54:00 2017
      From the Harvard Business Review: We suggest a prelitigation review board that would examine infringement claims up front and provide preliminary assessments of their merits. The low-cost and efficient initial review would follow the case through an[...]
    4. Book Review: The Law of Trade Secret Litigation Under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act
      Fri Jun 30 02:30:00 2017
      It arrived in the dead of night, cloaked in appropriate secrecy and ensconced in a black and gold gloss binding. Or at least, thats how I imagined The L[...]
    5. Simplifying Community Registered Design litigation in the UK - Spin Master v PMS
      Fri Jun 30 00:00:00 2017
      td class="tr-caption" style=[...]
    6. Tips to Protect Your Business from Litigation
      Fri Jun 16 00:15:35 2017
      A lawsuit can destroy a companys credibility and even result in bankruptcy if it is serious enough or expensive enough to fight. As such, it makes sense to protect your business from litigation as much as you possibly can. Here are a few things you[...]
    7. HBOs Silicon Valley tackled an issue thats all too familiar to startups: The threat of frivolous patent litigation - Recode
      Tue Jun 6 13:35:10 2017
      font si[...]
    8. US Supreme Court uses TC Heartland to blunt key troll tool, but will California welcome the next wave of troll litigation?
      Tue May 23 10:59:00 2017
      The AmeriKats view on her way to San Jose. &nbs[...]
    9. PwC 2017 Patent Litigation Study Is Now Out
      Thu May 11 11:45:00 2017
      Every year around this time I look forward to reading PricewaterhouseCoopers annual study of U.S. patent litigation.   The firms 2017 Patent Litigation Study:  Change on the Horizon? is now out and available here .  The studys meth[...]
    10. CAFC in Fairchild v. Power Integrations: Put simply, if a defendant brought an invalidity challenge in a district court litigation and was unsuccessful, it is not permitted to bring the same challenge in an inter partes reexamination.
      Sat Apr 22 18:27:00 2017
      The outcome was "Fairchild wins": Fairchild Taiwan Corporation moves the court to remand this case to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board with instructions to vacate certain aspects of its final decision in the underlying inter partes reexaminati[...]

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