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    1. French Supreme Court in Finasteride second-medical use litigation acknowledges patentability of dosage regime claims
      Thu Jan 11 04:25:00 2018
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    2. Patents: Patent Litigation Over for Patriot Scientific
      Mon Dec 18 20:27:25 2017
      Patriot Scientific, a Rancho Bernardo high-tech firm that has been litigating ownership rights of a series of patents on microprocessors for the past three years, said it has settled a dispute with The TPL Group, representing the defendants who also [...]
    3. Dsseldorf Court of Appeal in SISVEL v Haier publishes "guidebook" to SEP litigation under HuaweiZTE
      Tue Nov 7 05:09:00 2017
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    4. US patent litigation on the move again following In re Cray
      Mon Oct 30 05:54:00 2017
      It i[...]
    5. International patent litigation and arbitration in London
      Wed Oct 25 01:10:00 2017
      The f[...]
    6. FREE Webinar: Hot Topics in Patent Litigation -
      Mon Oct 9 06:32:07 2017 td valign="top" [...]
    7. Monkeyfishing for Litigation
      Wed Oct 4 11:25:02 2017
      Originally posted 2010-03-28 10:00:13. Republished by Blog Post PromoterSlates Paul Boutin reports: Greasemonkey, a plug-in for the Firefox browser, allows you to run user scriptsJavascript programs that tweak other people[...]
    8. Litigation guy
      Fri Jul 14 13:31:40 2017
      Seems we just get started and before you know it, comes the time we have to say, "So long."[...]
    9. HBR proposal: "a prelitigation review board "
      Fri Jun 30 09:54:00 2017
      From the Harvard Business Review: We suggest a prelitigation review board that would examine infringement claims up front and provide preliminary assessments of their merits. The low-cost and efficient initial review would follow the case through an[...]
    10. Book Review: The Law of Trade Secret Litigation Under the Uniform Trade Secrets Act
      Fri Jun 30 02:30:00 2017
      It arrived in the dead of night, cloaked in appropriate secrecy and ensconced in a black and gold gloss binding. Or at least, thats how I imagined The L[...]

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