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    1. Patents: New inventor has doorstop cats love
      Thu Dec 21 07:49:32 2017
      Van Vliets glass sucking plastic starfish is a locking device that allows sliding glass doors and windows to open for pets or ventilation while preventing intruder entry. Van Vliet will be appearing on QVC shopping network in August.[...]
    2. Patents: Guatemalan Inventor has his idea nicked by Microsoft
      Thu Dec 21 07:00:53 2017
      A federal jury in California has awarded an inventor a nearly 9 million judgment in a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft. The 1994 patent was for software linking the companys Excel spreadsheet and Access database programs.[...]
    3. Inventors: Exclusive interview with seminal 1960s computer isionary Doug Engelbart --hes still here and looking for funding
      Thu Dec 21 03:56:09 2017
      Mr Engelbart and his teams of researchers at the Stanford Research Institute SRI shaped the look and feel of the PC, as John Markoff chronicles in his latest book What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer I[...]
    4. Game Inventions: Pittsburgh inventor gets kick out of new game
      Wed Dec 20 13:40:09 2017
      Rob DeMoss never thought that kicking a bowl with Disney characters on it with his 2-year-old son would lead to the invention of a new game. The Menallen Township man is the inventor of Kick Hockey, a combination of soccer and hockey, and is showing [...]
    5. Inventors: Ecologist, LCD inventor win Kyoto Prizes
      Wed Dec 20 05:47:22 2017
      Two American scientists and an Austrian conductor won this years Kyoto Prizes, the Japanese awards for achievement in the arts and sciences.[...]
    6. Patents: Madison Inventor Wins Court Dispute
      Tue Dec 19 21:47:49 2017
      Inventor Warren Gilson created the adjustable, handheld pipette in Madison in 1972. The jury in U-S District Court ruled that Rainin Instrument Company of Oakland, California, breached its contract as the exclusive distributor of pipettes manufacture[...]
    7. Patent Reform: US Inventor Act goes to Congress -
      Sun Dec 10 12:03:35 2017 td valign="top" cl[...]
    8. From Disheveled to Organized: Practical Tips for Better Inventory Control
      Wed Dec 6 21:13:27 2017
      When youre running an extremely small company with just a few orders coming in each day, inventory control isnt something you have to think much about. You just do it. But when your company scales up and you begin receiving hundreds or thousands o[...]
    9. Tax Reform will Harm Inventors, High Tech Start-ups -
      Thu Nov 30 07:15:19 2017 td valign="t[...]
    10. AIPPI Congress Report 2: Plenary session on inventor remuneration
      Sun Oct 15 06:12:00 2017
      Mittens fantasy of inv[...]

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