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    1. Game Inventions: Pittsburgh inventor gets kick out of new game
      Fri Nov 17 17:26:58 2017
      Rob DeMoss never thought that kicking a bowl with Disney characters on it with his 2-year-old son would lead to the invention of a new game. The Menallen Township man is the inventor of Kick Hockey, a combination of soccer and hockey, and is showing [...]
    2. Inventions not patentable in India
      Thu Jul 18 07:22:30 2013
      According to Section-3 of Indian patent act-1970. The following inventions are not patentable- a obvious to natural laws b cause damage to health of any living being c living being or non-living being occurring in nature. d new form of known [...]
    3. Roswell-Inspired Inventions
      Mon Jul 8 20:02:00 2013
        UFO enthusiasts and true believers are celebrating the 66th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, the alleged crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft outside the s[...]

    1. Great Unknown Inventions

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