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    1. Multilateralism v Bilateralism: Whats in it for international IP regulation?
      Sat Jan 13 12:45:00 2018
      img border="0" data-original-height="785" data-original-width="1200" height="209" src="" w[...]
    2. Posners judicial interpretive updating and the disparagement clause Best of 2017
      Fri Dec 29 12:46:01 2017
      Originally posted on April 16, 2017. Thank God for small favors. Like being far away from the Seventh Circuit these days if you or your ... [...]
    3. Of interest in Nintendo v. iLife
      Thu Dec 28 17:03:00 2017
      Nintendo argues that under our opinion in PowerOasis, the Board was required to review the new disclosure added to the continuation-in-part application and determine whether that content corresponds to the particular claim limitations in dispute. [...]
    4. United States: International Trade Commission May Not Reform Patent Assignment Agreement To Cure Lack Of Standing - Mondaq News Alerts
      Fri Dec 22 06:51:41 2017
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    5. Inventors: Exclusive interview with seminal 1960s computer isionary Doug Engelbart --hes still here and looking for funding
      Thu Dec 21 03:56:09 2017
      Mr Engelbart and his teams of researchers at the Stanford Research Institute SRI shaped the look and feel of the PC, as John Markoff chronicles in his latest book What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer I[...]
    6. R 000315: surprising interpretation of feature violates right to be heard
      Tue Dec 12 08:29:00 2017
      In R 000[...]
    7. BGH rules on international jurisdiction of German courts in EU trade mark cases
      Wed Nov 29 04:08:00 2017
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    8. 4 Hacks for Entrepreneurs Entering International Markets
      Sun Nov 26 17:50:35 2017
      The evolution of technology means that small- and medium-sized businesses can now compete with larger organizations in international markets. Moreover, recent datafrom OECD the Organisation for EconomicCo-operation and Developmentshows that 9 o[...]
    9. Athens Court of Appeal applies CJEU GS Media linking decision and interprets profit-making intention restrictively
      Mon Nov 20 05:53:00 2017
    10. Special interview with Patricia Kelly, Director General of IP Australia
      Wed Nov 15 21:40:00 2017
      The IPKat recently had the privilege of submitting written questions to Patricia Kelly, Director General of IP Australia, in connection img border="0" src="[...]

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