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    1. Inventors: Exclusive interview with seminal 1960s computer isionary Doug Engelbart --hes still here and looking for funding
      Sun Sep 17 11:38:53 2017
      Mr Engelbart and his teams of researchers at the Stanford Research Institute SRI shaped the look and feel of the PC, as John Markoff chronicles in his latest book What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer I[...]
    2. Pro se plaintiff fails to establish personal jurisdiction in otherwise interesting case
      Thu Sep 14 15:20:00 2017
      Of interest is text in the decision 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 148859 ED Ky: Mike Ellig was a former owner of Montana Black Gold Inc. and is the current owner of Sight Inc. Ellig responded to Afsharis lawsuit by sending Afshari a letter via e-mail[...]
    3. CBS Sunday Morning on 10 Sept 2017: interview with Hillary Clinton
      Sun Sep 10 15:23:00 2017
      The anticipated interview of Hillary Clinton by Jane Pauley on CBS Sunday Morning got into the matter of "deplorable": There were some memorable verbal gaffes, including when she said at a campaign appearance: "You could put half of Trumps suppor[...]
    4. Stronger Patents Act: 5 Significant Proposed Changes to Inter Partes Reviews - JD Supra press release
      Fri Sep 1 21:50:19 2017
      JD Supra press release td valign="top" class=[...]
    5. Book Review: Economics of the Internet
      Sun Aug 27 06:41:00 2017
      A perusal through the contributors to the Edward Elgar "Handbook on the Economics of the Internet" warmed the cockles of this  dismal scientist s heart, for in it contains a number of IP economists who have dared stray into the dark waters of [...]
    6. Internships: 3 Reasons Why Your MBA Is Incomplete Without One
      Thu Aug 10 17:56:49 2017
      Perhaps, on your way to owning your own business, youre studying for a masters degree in business, an MBA. Consider that an internship with your MBA program can be critical to your success. Internships can help you to see where you need to make chan[...]
    7. The Berkeley brief in the CRISPR interference appeal
      Thu Aug 3 08:09:00 2017
      On July 31, Kevin Noonan at Patent Docs posted Berkeley Files Opening Brief in CRISPR Appeal , which included the text: The brief also faults the Board for not considering a provisional application by Kim U.S. Provisional Application No. 61717,[...]
    8. France: costs of blocking injunctions to be borne by internet intermediaries
      Tue Aug 1 12:03:00 2017
    9. The Brands Behind the 13 Billion International Zipper Wars
      Thu Jul 20 04:31:04 2017
      If your business operates anywhere in or near the area of fashion, you might already know about the international zipper wars. For the rest of us, this story about who will keep our pants zipped hits home on a personal level. The top brands in this [...]
    10. New group will push the interests of big tech in the ongoing US ... - IAM registration blog
      Tue Jul 11 10:31:10 2017
      New group will push the interest[...]

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