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    1. Innovation Gift Giving
      Tue Dec 19 09:57:00 2017
      We find ourselves near the end of another fruitful, eventful year, here at December 19, 2017.  All eyes turn toward the holidays actually, the merchandising happened in October and the Christmas muzak started in early November it seems.  [...]
    2. Trump Econ Adviser Says Tax Bill Can Spur Innovation - Law360 - Law360
      Wed Dec 13 15:23:46 2017
      Trump Econ Adviser Says[...]
    3. Trump Econ Adviser Says Tax Bill Can Spur Innovation - Law360
      Wed Dec 13 15:23:46 2017
      Trump Econ Adviser Says[...]
    4. Communication and repetition are vital for innovation
      Mon Dec 11 07:52:00 2017
      I was working out this morning before work and as usual, watching the breaking news.  At 7am there are a range of news choices, and strangely each network seems to have the exact same advertisements on during the breaks.  As I was working o[...]
    5. Innovation & Growth Leadership Summit
      Thu Dec 7 11:24:49 2017
      Innovationedge is proud to announce that the Innovation &38; Growth Leadership Summit: Moving the Needle Where to Grow, What to Risk, will be held February 27-28, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona. Chaired and facilitated by Cheryl Perkins of Innovationedg[...]
    6. Stubblefield: Federal bill on patent reform would streamline innovation for universities - Journal Record
      Thu Nov 30 14:41:32 2017
      Journal Recordfont[...]
    7. What your language says about your innovation
      Thu Nov 30 08:28:00 2017
      Ive long championed the idea that to change the way people think, youve got to change the way they communicate.  If you want big ideas, you need to encourage them, yes, but also talk about them in ways that open up dialog, thinking and idea gene[...]
    8. Starting the innovation fire
      Tue Nov 28 08:38:00 2017
      Ive been thinking, long and hard, about the correct analogy to describe a lot of corporate innovation efforts.  Im sorry to say that the best analogy I can come up with is a campfire.  I hope youll stick with me on this, because I think it [...]
    9. Shared innovation language accelerates innovation
      Mon Nov 13 09:37:00 2017
      I was leading an innovation workshop recently with a company that invited in some of its customers to talk about the future.  We were interested in getting feedback from key B2B customers about the future of the industry, where things were headi[...]
    10. Understanding the future leads to better innovation
      Tue Oct 24 09:03:00 2017
      As many of you loyal readers know thanks Mom! Im a big believer that success in life, as in innovation, is about understanding the future and bringing products and solutions to the market just as the market realizes its needs.  This builds on [...]

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