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    1. CAFC finds that CD Cal failed to provide a full and fair opportunity to ventilate the issues.
      Thu Jan 18 16:27:00 2018
      The opinion begins Defendant Zinus, Inc., appeals from a summary judgment entered in favor of plaintiff Cap Export, LLC, and third-party defendants Abraham Amouyal and 4Moda Corp. collectively, Cap Export by the United States District Court f[...]
    2. Presentation of information: Is the EPO stretching the line for patentable subject-matter, again?
      Thu Jan 18 00:03:00 2018
      img border="0" data-original-height="198" data-original-width="254" src="[...]
    3. Your Customers Are the Key to Expanding Your Business
      Wed Jan 17 17:46:03 2018
      As a business owner, you know only too well that without your customers, your business would grind to a halt. Your customers are your businesss lifeblood. You also know that the key to improving your bottom line is expanding your business. Depending[...]
    4. 3 Pieces of Business Software for Startup Owners to Consider
      Wed Jan 17 16:31:18 2018
      When you start a new business, youre often tasked with doing a majority of the work yourself. Therefore, sorting through your options for various pieces of software is likely low on your list of priorities. However, there are many types of software[...]
    5. Petitions for Certiorari Relating to Patent Damages, Part 2
      Wed Jan 17 10:28:00 2018
      As I mentioned last week , the U.S. Supreme Court has granted cert in WesternGeco LLC v. ION Geophysical Corp ., No. 16-1011, in which the question presented is "Whether the U.S. Court o[...]
    6. The Ultimate Way to Track Your Influencer Marketing Campaign
      Tue Jan 16 18:16:27 2018
      While influencer marketing works well, its important to know exactly how well your influencer marketing campaign is working, specifically. Each company wants to see how influencer marketers improve their branding. Hence, tracking your campaign is i[...]
    7. 5 Hacks for Launching an Events Management Startup
      Tue Jan 16 18:14:13 2018
      If youre a good communicator and have the knack for making sure people have a good time, events management could be your calling. With the right equipment, staff and savvy, you could soon be earning a decent living. Whats more, you would be doing s[...]
    8. 4 Innovative Specialist Businesses That Spotted a Gap in the Market
      Tue Jan 16 18:12:56 2018
      Successful entrepreneurs often spot innovative opportunities that mere mortals overlook. Theyve got a knack for recognizing the potential of an innovative product or service. Or they develop an entirely new way of marketing things that already exis[...]
    9. 4 Ways to Navigate Fast, Uncontrollable Change in Your Industry
      Tue Jan 16 18:08:25 2018
      Change is going to happen, whether you like it or not. As a business leader, the best thing you can do is promote stability in the midst of uncontrollable change. The more calm, collected, and strategic you are, the better off the company and your e[...]
    10. LIQWD, INC.OLAPLEX LLC win appeal at CAFC against LORAL: context is central in claim construction
      Tue Jan 16 11:56:00 2018
      Olaplex moved for a preliminary injunction, and in July 2017, the district court denied the motion. The courts dispositive basis for denying the motion was its construction of the claim requirement that the mixture not contain a hair coloring a[...]

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