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    1. Trumps USPTO Director pick remains an unknown quantity to many and that may be his greatest strength - IAM registration blog
      Wed Aug 30 11:47:44 2017
      Trump&39;s USPTO Director pick remains an unknown quantity[...]
    2. Great minds moji alike?
      Mon Aug 14 17:31:04 2017
      Last September I wrote the following in a letter to a client that asked whether it could use emojis from Apples character set in certain marketing materials: The Internet is...[...]
    3. In memoriam of June Foray: the greatest screen voice whom you probably never heard of, but likely heard
      Sat Aug 5 13:19:00 2017
      For Kat readers who love animated films, last week was especially tough. We lost Lucifer, being the cat from the movie Cinderella, Wheezy Weasel img border="0" src="[...]
    4. That great, free First Amendment thing
      Mon Jul 24 14:38:29 2017
      I was recently, and very briefly, the toast of whatever for my efforts in making the world safe for nasty trademark registrations under the banner of the First Amendment. But...[...]
    5. Hiring Great Personnel: How to Get it Right
      Thu Jul 13 20:23:42 2017
      Hiring will always be a complicated task. No application blank or interview question will ever give you a perfect idea of which person to hire, and your own experience and knowledge should never be undervalued. The right combination of job descripti[...]
    6. Look to Real Estate Auctions for Great Deals
      Thu Jun 1 18:46:13 2017
      If youre on the lookout for new real estate, whether for new business premises or for residential purposes, you have more options than you might think. These days, people are looking to private sales, online estate agents and real estate auctions t[...]
    7. Great Expectations
      Sun Apr 9 15:43:32 2017
      Originally posted 2012-02-13 11:03:01. Republished by Blog Post PromoterWhat is the expectation of privacy in cyberspace? I guess it depends in part on whom you invite in and which...[...]
    8. How to Generate Great Leads For Your Law Firm
      Thu Feb 16 17:09:15 2017
      Like any other business, when running a law firm, there is always the same marketing question; what part of your campaign and spend is generating good, quality leads? Once any business can answer that, they can begin to improve their campaign and spe[...]
    9. Getting A Great Mortgage For The Self Employed
      Mon Jan 30 21:07:52 2017
      Getting a mortgage these days is difficult enough, but for the self-employed it can be nearly impossible. Here are some tips to help you find your way to a great loan. [...]
    10. Patent Forecast 2017: Will Patent Courts Be Great Again? -
      Sun Jan 8 11:57:58 2017 td valign="top" c[...]

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