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    1. Patents: Anti-rape device created
      Mon Sep 18 22:02:12 2017
      Inventor Sonette Ehlers says women will soon be able to wear a device which would attach itself to the rapists penis by microscopic hooks as he withdraws. "The rape device is a condom, its shaped almost like a tampon," she said. "Hollow inside and th[...]
    2. 4 Ways to Become a More Disciplined Entrepreneur
      Mon Sep 18 21:23:56 2017
      There is no secret formula to entrepreneurial success; however, there are some common threads. One such thread is discipline. In order to achieve any sort of lasting success as an entrepreneur, you have to master the art of self-discipline and take [...]
    3. Move to Another CityPainlesslyEven with a Home-Based Business
      Mon Sep 18 21:20:48 2017
      Have you ever had to pack up your things for a move to another city? If you answered yes to this question, then you know, at least, how to put all your valuables into labeled boxes so that nothing important gets lost. Moving is never easy. However, [...]
    4. Absence Management: A Headache or a Remedy?
      Mon Sep 18 20:56:26 2017
      Most companies allow their employees to use a certain amount of leave time within a period of employment, and its up to management to calculate that time accurately. However, leave calculation is not always simple. Sometimes custom calculation rules[...]
    5. The EZEKIEL ELLIOTT case in ED Texas
      Mon Sep 18 19:29:00 2017
      The decision observes that a PATENT trial held back the district court from a rapid response: Because the Court was presiding over a patent trial , the Court was unable to reach the NFLs Emergency Motion within the NFLs requested time constrain[...]
    6. Some Recent Commentary on Unjustified Threats, Cross-Border Injunctions, Arrow Declarations
      Mon Sep 18 10:42:00 2017
      1.  Perhaps next year will be the year in which I begin work on a projected book on the comparative law and economics of wrongful patent enforcement--a topic that raises all manner of interesting policy and legal questions potentially involvin[...]
    7. Secondary trademark liability: Third party counterfeiting as proof of knowledge?
      Mon Sep 18 09:48:52 2017
      QUERY: Are sales of counterfeit products other than those of the plaintiff valid proof of a defendants knowledge in a contributory trademark infringement case? That question typically arises in the...[...]
    8. Patents: Guatemalan Inventor has his idea nicked by Microsoft
      Sat Sep 16 23:28:44 2017
      A federal jury in California has awarded an inventor a nearly 9 million judgment in a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft. The 1994 patent was for software linking the companys Excel spreadsheet and Access database programs.[...]
    9. Sausage war in ED Wisc gets into inequitable conduct
      Sat Sep 16 11:46:00 2017
      Defendant Klement Sausage argued that when Johnsonville Sausage withheld information about its utility patent application from Sipos, it breached its duty of candor and good faith in dealing with the PTO. ED Wisc noted: Klement fails to prove ma[...]
    10. The failed PTAB experiment has been a colossal mistake ... -
      Fri Sep 15 09:10:52 2017 [...]

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