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    1. Patents: A pioneers new products help readers who are blind or dyslexic.
      Tue Sep 19 05:31:03 2017
      He revolutionized the way that many blind people read when he invented a machine that scanned printed material and read it aloud, and when Ray Kurzweil sold the device to Xerox for 6 million, he could have retired and lived comfortably off the proce[...]
    2. Patents: Anti-rape device created
      Mon Sep 18 22:02:12 2017
      Inventor Sonette Ehlers says women will soon be able to wear a device which would attach itself to the rapists penis by microscopic hooks as he withdraws. "The rape device is a condom, its shaped almost like a tampon," she said. "Hollow inside and th[...]
    3. PhishMe loses to Wombat in D. Del. on discovery issue
      Mon Sep 18 19:38:00 2017
      The court noted: In assessing whether a proposed modification of a Protective Order would present an unacceptable risk of inadvertent disclosure or competitive misuse of confidential information, it would be error to deny access solely because [...]
    4. Some Recent Commentary on Unjustified Threats, Cross-Border Injunctions, Arrow Declarations
      Mon Sep 18 10:42:00 2017
      1.  Perhaps next year will be the year in which I begin work on a projected book on the comparative law and economics of wrongful patent enforcement--a topic that raises all manner of interesting policy and legal questions potentially involvin[...]
    5. Secondary trademark liability: Third party counterfeiting as proof of knowledge?
      Mon Sep 18 09:48:52 2017
      QUERY: Are sales of counterfeit products other than those of the plaintiff valid proof of a defendants knowledge in a contributory trademark infringement case? That question typically arises in the...[...]
    6. 6 Web Design Tools You Can Use in Your Business
      Sun Sep 17 19:42:48 2017
      Technology gives anyone who has a bit of artistic vision the ability to do web design. Couple that with entrepreneurial drive and a few fully functional web design tools, and you can create an effective website for your business without needing to u[...]
    7. Patents: Guatemalan Inventor has his idea nicked by Microsoft
      Sat Sep 16 23:28:44 2017
      A federal jury in California has awarded an inventor a nearly 9 million judgment in a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft. The 1994 patent was for software linking the companys Excel spreadsheet and Access database programs.[...]
    8. CAFC affirms PTAB in IDEMITSU KOSAN CO., LTD. case: no obligation to rebut attorney argument with expert witness testimony
      Fri Sep 15 10:48:00 2017
      The technology relates to organic LEDs Organic Electroluminescence Device and Organic Light Emitting Medium. The issue: On appeal, Idemitsu does not appear to challenge the Boards factual findings with respect to the correspondence betwe[...]
    9. No jurisdiction when claim under patent law is secondary to resolving assignment issue
      Fri Sep 15 10:36:00 2017
      The outcome First Data Corporation First Data and Frank Bisignano Bisignano appeal from the district courts dismissal of their counterclaims and their declaratory judgment action under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12b1. See Bisig[...]
    10. Making Dollars and Cents of Your Debt
      Thu Sep 14 19:18:33 2017
      New businesses and old businesses alike routinely require debt and lines of credit to maintain operations. Thats because one of the most important determinants of a businesss ability to succeed in the modern age is cash flow. Simply put, cash flow [...]

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