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    1. Are You Creative and Diligent? Achieve an Excellent Income with Affiliate Marketing
      Thu Dec 21 23:57:08 2017
      Are you creative, talented, and hardworking? Would you like to turn your website or blog into a reliable engine for passive income? You can do exactly that with affiliate marketing. The post Are You Creative and Diligent? Achieve an Excellent Inc[...]
    2. 3 innovation types: evolution, preventative and creative
      Mon Sep 11 08:23:00 2017
      I was thinking over the weekend that for years weve positioned innovation incorrectly.  Too often we position innovation as creating a new and valuable offering or solution, ready when customers are ready to demand new products and services.&nbs[...]
    3. Get Creative: Use Consolidation Solutions to Diminish Business Debt
      Sun Jun 18 19:34:10 2017
      In order to diminish business debt, the key is to eliminate as much interest as possible. Thankfully, with many debt consolidation solutions, youre likely to encounter interest rates which are designed to make paying what you owe less overwhelming [...]
    4. A Tale of Stability - Business Models in the Creative Industries
      Thu Jun 15 02:30:00 2017
      In the digital era, the phrase on on the lips of everyone in the creative industry  has been, "business models." Touted as a panacea for the potential copyright ills of the internet, business models were a fundamental part of the Hargreaves 2[...]
    5. Event report: Trends in the creative digital economy
      Thu Jun 15 02:29:00 2017
      img border="0" data-original-height="1024" data-original-width="964" height="200" src="[...]
    6. 7 Techniques For Getting Creatively Unstuck
      Sun Apr 30 19:34:45 2017
      My friend Robert Tucker over at Innovation Resource has some great tips for getting unstuck. Ill share a few of them here, and then link to his excellent article. If you solve problems for a living, youve probably had it happen[...]
    7. Creative Business Ideas For 2016
      Thu Jun 30 07:54:12 2016
      If 2016 is the year you were going to start your own business, allow me to point out it is now June 30th, 2016 and half the year is through. So if this is your year, it is time to shake your tail feathers. Take a look at the list below and see if any[...]
    8. Page and Plants Win in Stairway to Heaven Case Seen as Bolstering Songwriters Creative Rights
      Thu Jun 23 11:00:00 2016
      Thursdays verdict for Led Zeppelin in the copyright trial over the 1971 hit song Stairway to Heaven reaffirms the creative rights of songwriters while demonstrating the difficulties in pursuing infringement over sheet music, according to legal ex[...]

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