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    1. The Relevant Public and Likelihood of Confusion in Respect of Chinese Character Trademarks
      Tue Oct 31 13:34:00 2017
      Kat friend Matej Michalec , from V4 Legal in Slovakia, has shared a thoughtful blog post about the challenges of registering a EUTM when the [...]
    2. Western tertiary education for Chinese and Indian nationals
      Tue May 16 14:35:00 2017
      Wikipedia defines tertiary education in the following way: Tertiary education, also referred to as third stage, third level, and post-secondary education, is the educational level following the completion of a school providing a secondary educatio[...]
    3. Commentary on Recent Chinese and English FRAND Cases
      Mon Apr 10 12:48:00 2017
      1.  David Shen and Jill Ge have published a short article titled IWNCOMM v. Sony:  First SEP-Based Injunction Granted in China in an Allen & Overy newsletter.  Here is a link to the article, and here is the abstract: T[...]
    4. Chinese Court Orders Samsung to Pay Huawei RMB 80 Million
      Thu Apr 6 11:13:00 2017
      This just in, from Professor Haijun Jin of Renmin University of China School of Law--a court in Quanzhou has awarded Huawei RMB 80 million U.S. 11.6 million for the alleged infringement of certain smartphone technologies.  Here is a link [...]
    5. PDF of Beijing IP Court Judgment in Chinese
      Fri Mar 24 12:33:00 2017
      Here is a link to a pdf of the Beijing IP Courts judgment in the IWNCOMMSony case Ive mentioned on this blog over the last two days here and here .  Again, I thank Professor Haijun Jin of Renmin University of China School of Law for s[...]
    6. Text of Beijing IP Court Decision in Chinese
      Thu Mar 23 23:44:00 2017
      Here is a link to an abstract of the Beijing IP Courts judgment in the SEP case that I discussed in yesterdays post , and to the judgment itself, both in the original Chinese.  If you dont read Chinese and I dont, unfortunately, Google Tra[...]
    7. Chinese scientists will be the first to use CRISPR gene editing in human patients
      Tue Aug 16 11:45:57 2016
      A lung cancer diagnosis is serious business. But in China, scientists are using a revolutionary technique to treat lung cancer: Chinese scientists are preparing to set a worlds first by treating lung cancer patients with immune cells modified using [...]

    1. Chinese Strategy With U.S. Patents

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