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    1. Appellant Walker loses appeal against Harvard University in case involving copying of dissent in Bilski
      Tue Nov 1 13:02:00 2016
      Walker v. Harvard, Cosgrove, Weinreb, 2016 U.S. App. LEXIS 19164 CA1 Oct. 24, 2016 was an appeal by former law student Walker of an unfavorable summary judgment decision. The decision by CA1 includes a brief summary: Between 2006 and 2009 M[...]
    2. Patent on "Collateralized Loans" Survives Bilski, Despite Failing the MOT Test
      Wed Feb 9 13:33:00 2011
      H&R Block Tax Services, Inc. v. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Inc. , 6-08-cv-00037 E.D. Tex., February 2, 2011 During litiation, Jackson Hewitt JH challenged numerous patents asserted by H&R Block, alleging that they were directed [...]
    3. New Bilski Guidance and Request for Comments
      Tue Jul 27 18:39:45 2010
      The office published their Interim Bilski Guidance for Examiners in the Federal Register today. Surprisingly to me, they did so in the form of a Request for Comments. I actually think that this is a great idea. Were hearing pretty much the sam[...]
    4. Bilski Fallout
      Wed Jun 30 22:10:59 2010
      Ill tell you what, I wish I could write 101 rejections with as little supporting analysis as the Supreme Court did in the Bilski decision . A little discussion of precedential caselaw Benson, Flook and Diehr, some hand-waving, and the conclusion [...]
    5. Bilski or lack thereof
      Thu Jun 17 19:20:43 2010
      I was firmly convinced that the opinion on Bilski would be issued today. Why? Well, there are were only two days remaining in the quarter three, if you count Saturday, and Ive got more than enough to keep me busy without taking a few hours to d[...]
    6. Software Patents and Bilski
      Tue Dec 9 14:12:11 2008
      Okay, once again let me make it clear that I know I am not the smartest kid in the class, I dont understand the allure of opera and I dont like to read. In summary, I am no intellectual. But, just like all of the world shattering[...]

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